Specialty Clinic

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Hillsboro Community Hospital brings specialists to Hillsboro to serve the medical needs of our patients. The Specialty Clinic is located at 122 N Main in Hillsboro, Kansas  67073.  Call 620-947-3114 ext.3158 for scheduling information.

General Surgery


Michael Reynolds, MD

Performs cataract and yag eye surgeries at our hospital the first Monday of every month.

Pain Clinic

Vikki Gambrill, CRNA

Ms Gambrill, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, provided a pain management service which includes lumbar and thoracic epidurals; major joint injections; and independent nerve blocks.  A physician's referral is required.  Ms Gambrill is in Hillsboro every Monday to offer pain relief for your chronic pain.


Trent Timson, DPM

Podiatrists specialize in medical care of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Dr. Timson is available the first and third Wednesday of each month to see patients in Hillsboro. 


George Zakaharia, MD

As a urologist, Dr. Zakaharia cares for problems in adults and children involving the urinary system...the bladder, kidneys, and prostate gland. Dr. Zakaharia performs a variety of surgical procedures at HCH.  Dr. Zakaharia is available on the 2nd Wednesday of each month to see patients in Hillsboro.

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